If this is not possible, the drugs are prescribed empirically. I read you and I want to cry. Somehow they found this cyst. During the operation, the following is done: Spectrum of drugs, it is chosen with safety in mind for the baby. Diagnostics Bartholinitis can mask other problems of the vulva see table. As my sister-in-law who at that time was working in gynecology said that I was all covered in blood. To perform the necessary inpatient treatment lasting two to three days. Do not stop using these medications early because your symptoms are better.

Labia swells up after sex

Autopsy of suppuration This is a standard and fairly common method of surgical treatment, but it has many drawbacks. I just got saved from surgery. What is the difference between treatment during pregnancy. Doctors did the tests, opened the gland permanently, but nothing was cured. If you do not get get repeated infections, a 1-day medicine might work for you. To remove the inflammation of the Bartholin gland and the associated symptoms, the following procedures will help: Most can be bought without a prescription. What to do if there is a suspicion of Bartholinitis. In a calm state, it can not be probed, the changes are noticeable only if the cyst is inflamed or formed. If you do not reach the abscess, then the installation is painless! The consequences can only affect the quality of women's intimate relationships. Metronidazole, cephalosporins "Cefazolin", "Cefotaxime" , macrolides "Azithromycin" , penicillins "Amoxiclav" , fluoroquinolones "Ciprofloxacin" are most often used. If this is not possible, the drugs are prescribed empirically. Reviews I have been suffering from bartholinitis for 15 years, times a year. Variants of operations For the treatment of Bartholin gland abscess or recurrent bartholinitis, the following techniques exist: It may show swelling and redness of the skin of the vulva, in the vagina, and on the cervix. The meaning of this treatment is that against the background of tablets, the intensity of secretion and the activity of the gland itself is reduced. Diagnostics Bartholinitis can mask other problems of the vulva see table. Bertolenite collided during the first pregnancy. It is possible to identify risk factors for inflammation of the bartholin gland: Timely treatment with antibacterial drugs and, if necessary, surgical treatment can reduce the complications of bartolinite during pregnancy to minimal. The disadvantages of the method are as follows. I reached for a severe abscess, my gynecologist was sure that it was a boil. Avoid using feminine hygiene sprays, fragrances, or powders in the genital area. Have removed a cyst. For example, magnetotherapy on the labia of the labia, UHF.

Labia swells up after sex

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How To Cure Swollen Lips (Private Parts)

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Labia swells up after sex

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    It can be performed on an outpatient basis, while it is necessary to carry out dressings twice a day for two weeks. Formless painless "ball" in the vestibule of the vagina.


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