I think the most important part about this episode is that sexuality isnt denied. But lets stay on gaming first. We found a more erotic aspect to it, a sensual part, made it part of our theologies and philosophies. Our sexuality is a part of our identity, something we always carry with us. That said the market is only getting better for games so i'm not worried. The sex scenes seemed less pornographic and more properly sensual and personal. Don't get me started. Last Light comes to mind. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Game mature mature sex sex

Or maybe I'm just a weeb. Last Light comes to mind. Author — BarnibusMaximusMusic I like your thoughts on the matter Originally, Duke Nukem was both caricature as well as self-fulfillment on action heroes being overstylized, manly-as-balls dudes that shrug off bullets, have biceps like watermelons and give cheesey, sexual oneliners before blast some baddy away. Author — anonymouse29 One of the best portrayals of mature sexual content in a game was actually in a VN, called Katawa Shoujo. At the same time, it can and will be exploited easily, especially in gaming. Viewing things like this leads to the conclusion that no medium ever matured. Would love to see women in games wearing clothes that make sense, like, I dunno, armour instead of underpants And just like in real life, you can occasionally have that one night stand, but it could screw things up. This is not progressive, it is restrictive at best. Each one was different and unique based on the NPC involded and their personality. Other mediums are rife with this trash. It's what happens when you keep telling people "don't do this cool thing": You had to interect with the characters to get to the "naughty scenes". Don't get me started. Movies didnt because pornos exist, painting did not mature either because of hentai, and so on. We've had feminism since long before the game industry which means that if the game industry is failing then it is our fault for not making and selling better games. From the light arrows scenes in twilight princess and ocarina to the loftwing ride in skyward sword, passing by the final fight in wind waker and the dream sequence in majora's mask Author — Four Waluigis of Dawn So basically the moral is games need to be less like Queen's blade and more like Spice and Wolf Author — TV0R11 While I mostly agree with your points. I mean, I could understand people saying that they don'y really count as games per say, but the good ones offer gratifying character interaction and the occasional sex scene. I believe the reason that games get such a bad rap for portraying sex in gratuitous ways is because people don't take games seriously period. Author — Good job not putting boobs in the thumbnail. BUT when some video game shows a sex scene, no matter how respectfully it's handled, it's all anybody will talk about for weeks. You'll have adults raving, parent associations what are those? That said the market is only getting better for games so i'm not worried. Author — Oh my god, that ending has me in stitches.

Game mature mature sex sex

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Game mature mature sex sex

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