Joel Richardson Job Title: In the Vologda region, as Balashov reports, they would sing with the bride both during the evening gatherings and at the wedding, with the difference that they did not sigh, while the bride would end every verse with a sigh. The wedding songs were performed chorally, and indeed it seems that the Russian traditional wedding had no solo singing at all. After the presentation, the devichnik, 'the gathering of girls', would follow, in which, in spite of the name, young men also took part. In some Siberian records, the bride rushes to the kyt' pantry-like space and begins to lament loudly as soon as guests begin to gather for the devichnik, and is lead out, crying, once everyone arrives. Only then was the bride brought out, and again, with a game. Speed King — Deep Purple.

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Wedding songs are metrically and melodically more varied, but, interestingly, their melodic contours are also influenced by the ritual formulae, and some songs approach laments in their prosody. Here again, the same words were addressed in sequence to father, mother, sister, brother, friends, asking them to remove her wreath—the krasota. The groom's party demands "Come closer! Can't think of one First song you learnt all the lyrics to: There are multiple reports of the brides performing with such emotion and skill that the assembled women, both relatives and onlookers, would be brought to tears. Once the maidens begin to celebrate, the bride's laments cease. The degree of fluidity of form depended, of course, both on the occasion and on the performer. The laments, therefore, are only a small part of the wedding poetry. There are some violent descriptions of these moments: Little girls, it seems, could observe practically any stage of the wedding that involved the bride and her friends. In the latter case, there was no chase, and the bride's grief was moderately displayed. In such cases, the song-prichet typically has a slow tempo and developed melody while the solo prichet is performed in a fast tempo and its melodic contour is immediately based on the prosody of the verse. In the same prichet, the bride requested a special towel depicting tsars, kings, military troops, sun, moon, and stars. Researchers note the rhythmically repetitive pattern of the prichety and some find that the metrical scheme usually a four or five foot trochee with a dacytlic coda reflects the "familiar intonation of crying. Over that she wore a silk shawl with tassels, which would fall down her back. To some extent she does, since she is supposed to lament and look sad, even if she feels quite happy and wishes nothing more than to marry the groom. Speed King — Deep Purple. She would decline the water offered her several times and in a long prichet describe and reject various sources of water because the bridegoom has drunk from them or because the water there is stirred up and impure, until she would finally request the right source a particular river, often specific to the village and accept it. Holland's meat pie, chips and gravy - with loads of salt and vinegar! By contrast, the evenings with the bride's age-mates could take different forms, and the prichety and songs performed on these occasions are often highly variable, with few ritual demands on the selection of songs. At the end of the combing, the bride's braid would be made in the maidenly way for the last time, and usually in such a way that it would be very hard to undo it—divided into many little braids which are then intertwined and strengthened with many knots on the ribbons and with pins holding the hair. After washing, she would splash her age-mates with this water or the maidens themselves would wash their faces, all to make them marry sooner. One of the events in Siberia and many regions besides that preceded the departure of the bride from her parents' house was the devichnik, which could be translated as 'a gathering of maidens' or 'a maiden party'. In her laments the bride addressed her father, and then, in turn and often in strict order, the other members of the family, asking to postpone the wedding and blaming her friends who put on the kerchief for "blocking off much white light for me. Prichet and song-prichet could also enter into a dialogue when they performed simultaneously but without having overlapping texts: Seeing a wall of Blackstar amps on stage with Gus G. With such prichety, each performance is unique, and the records that survive mostly represent the performers' later re-performances and re-constructions of what they performed at the wedding.

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Best songs for having sex

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    Is the bride expressing her personal emotions? The exact place of the braid-decorating in the wedding sequence was not fixed, at least by the time fieldwork began in the second part of the nineteenth century, but its reversal, the undoing of the braid was more firmly located in time:


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